Roadmap and Beta Features

about a year ago by Nicholas Gavrilos

Software Upgrades we're working on

We will be releasing software upgrades to the Jiobit App and Jiobit frequently. Here is what we're working on right now for upcoming releases....

New Features:

  • Ability to view history of locations for a Jiobit

  • Ability to extend mesh network beyond Care Team

  • Ability to OTA upgrade Jiobit firmware via WIFI and connect to data over WIFI

  • In car/train Jiobit status

  • Share/track Care Team members location (phone-based) in addition to Jiobits

  • Reminder that you left Jiobit behind before you leave in morning if it's not on your child

  • Ability to share/see phone locations of Care Team members in addition to Jiobits

  • Notification when in washing machine

  • Low/high temperature notification

  • Alexa Skill / Integration


  • Location Time/Scheduling for Care Team members so they have access to share location only during certain days/hours of the week

  • Satellite view for Google Maps

  • Child profile enhancement - take/use own photos

  • Trusted Places recommendations

  • Alert user when Jiobit restores connection

  • Live mode available when connected to Care Team member

  • Improvement notification times