Battery Life & Power Saving

We’ve carefully designed Jiobit with battery life in mind

How Long Will Your Jiobit Last?

Similar to your smartphone, how you use Jiobit can alter how long it lasts. With that in mind, we’ve carefully designed Jiobit with battery life as a main focus and we’ve targeted a goal of one school week for the average user in an active usage case.

This is just the start though, as you’ll see! You will receive regular software upgrades to your Jiobit App and to the Jiobit device, that will continue to improve your battery life with each upgrade.

Here’s some guidance as to what you can ultimately expect, and additional tips to make sure you get the most juice out of your Jiobit.

Est. Battery Life


Not being actively used

2 - 3 weeks

Vacation (with parents)


7 - 14 days

Pre-K with home-based caregiver


Several weeks (make sure the caregiver uses the app)

Pre-K with daycare


7 days

Pre-K with daycare

3 times / week

7 - 14 days

K - 12


4 - 7 days

K - 12

3 times / week

5 - 10 days

How to Maximize Your Jiobit’s Battery Life

  • Setup Trusted Places - Make sure to set up Trusted Places and Geofencing Alerts for frequently visited locations of your child. Common places should be home, school, daycare, after school care, sporting practice/field, swim school, etc. Once these places have been defined, your Jiobit will be able to reduce power usage during its stay, but will also know immediately when it leaves these places.
  • Keep your Bluetooth on - Make sure that your smartphone always has Bluetooth turned on (Don’t worry, modern day smartphones don’t drain your battery much at all - Watching Youtube for a couple minutes drains more battery than keeping Bluetooth on all day).
  • Limit use of Live Mode - Live Mode is a Jiobit setting you can turn on that momentarily allows you to track the location of your child in real-time, streaming updates of their movement as they happen. Think of this like watching your Uber car arrive to your front door. While very important at times, this mode maximizes accuracy and de-prioritizes battery life. If you frequently switch this mode on, you will see your battery life drain faster.
  • Extend your community - Make sure your spouse and other trusted caregivers have downloaded the Jiobit smartphone app and you have invited them into your Jiobit Care Team.
  • Bundle up in the cold - Like most consumer electronics, long exposure to extreme cold (< 20°F) impacts the battery life of your favorite gadgets, especially if they are already running low on juice. Jiobit is no different. If you expose your Jiobit to these cold temperatures for an extended period of time, the battery will not last nearly as long.

Cold Temperature Operation

When operating in cold temperatures, make sure your Jiobit wears a jacket (we’ve provided a silicone sleeve that helps insulate it). Additionally, make sure it’s in an inside pocket or has some additional insulation. Don’t worry, it’s antennas are tuned to be used in pockets so you’ll still get great reception. Bundle it up like you would your body/hands, and you’ll be good to go on your next ski trip.

I’ve tried these steps, what else can I do?

There are some environmental variables out of Jiobit’s control that will impact your battery life. Here are a few of the most common ones you may be experiencing. If none of these apply (or help), please give us a call or live chat with us directly in your Jiobit App and we’ll try to help out!

Try this
Potential Issue
Additional Insight

Restart your Jiobit. Press and hold the Jiobit logo on the Smart Tag for 20 seconds.

Jiobit is constantly monitoring itself for any operating issues, but there may still be (very infrequent) times where Jiobit needs a fresh start.

Performing this operation will return your Jiobit to normal functionality.

Restart your smartphone.

Sometimes Bluetooth stops working with certain operating systems. This will get things back on track.

Jiobit requires the presence of Bluetooth radios to perform to optimal battery life.

Home Wi-Fi Scan - Using your phone’s settings menu, scan for Wi-Fi at your house and other trusted places you’ve setup. You should see at least 1 access point.

There may not be enough Wi-Fi signals to help Jiobit operate efficiently.

Jiobit requires the presence of 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi networks to perform to optimal battery life.

You should check your Wi-Fi router in your house to ensure it’s powered on or install a Wi-Fi extender to provide additional coverage in your home.

School Wi-Fi Scan - Using your phone’s settings menu, scan for Wi-Fi at your child’s school or daycare. You should see at least 1 access point.

There may not be enough Wi-Fi signals to help Jiobit operate efficiently.

Jiobit requires the presence Wi-Fi networks to perform to optimal battery life.