Care Team

Sharing location with others

What is a Care Team?

Inviting people to your Care Team allows you to share the location of your Jiobit with other specified users. The people you invite to your Care Team will be able to view the location of your Jiobit. Additionally, when the Jiobit is in the vicinity of a Care Team Member, you’ll be notified and you’ll know the Jiobit and the Care Team Member are together. This is especially helpful when you rely on caregivers, sitters, or grandparents.

Currently, Care Team Members sharing permissions are simplistic, they either always can view location or never. In the future, Jiobit will be upgrading your app to allow for greater control in scheduling of times (days of week and times) when Care Team Members can view the Jiobit location.

How to Create a Care Team

To create a Care Team, follow these steps:

  • Open the Jiobit App menu and select Care Team
  • Select the Invite Care Team Member option
  • Select the contacts you want to invite
  • Assign which Jiobit device you want to give location sharing permissions to

In most cases, a Care Team Member will receive an SMS from you. All they have to do is download and install the Jiobit App, and sign-in with a Facebook, Gmail, or email account. Once they do this, their account will be automatically linked to your account.

In the case where a Care Team Member is already has a Jiobit account, they will simply get a push message asking them to accept the invitation.

Manage Care Team

Once you have created a Care Team, you will see the status of the invitation under their name. Once the invite has been accepted, the status will change and you will no longer see PENDING.

If you would like to remove location sharing permissions, you can do so by selecting the Jiobit profile icon next to each Care Team Member and unchecking the Jiobit of your choice. If you would like to delete the Care Team Member, select the trash icon next to their name. When you remove access or delete the Care Team Member, they will receive a notification on their phone indicating this permission has changed.

Care Team Location Status

When a Jiobit enters the vicinity of a Care Team Member, their phone will automatically create a secure and encrypted connection with the Jiobit. When this happens, you will receive a push alert/notification and will now see the status of the Jiobit change from TRACKING to WITH [NAME]. This tells you the location of the Jiobit, but also that it’s with a Care Team Member.

When the Care Team Member is securely connected to the Jiobit, they will have the following features available:

These features are only available when the Jiobit is connected to the Jiobit App over a Bluetooth connection.

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Care Team

Sharing location with others

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