Getting Started & Set-Up Your Jiobit Account

What's in box?

  • Jiobit
  • Charging Dock
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2 attachments: Secure Loop and Waistband clip

Introduction to Jiobit Attachments

Learn more about the attachments that are included with every Jiobit purchase. This modular design allows you to securely attach the Jiobit to your child while remaining discreet yet comfortable for the wearer.

Introduction to Jiobit AttachmentsIntroduction to Jiobit Attachments


NOTE: Screenshots

The screens in this guide are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.


After downloading the Jiobit App from either the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll want to open the app and create your account. The first step is to select a Google, Facebook, or email account that you want to use.

iOS landing screen and log in options.

Android landing screen and sign up options.

Once you've done this, you'll be prompted to enter your phone number to authenticate your account.

If you've been invited by another user to join their Care Team, select that option and sign-in instead.

iOS email and password screens.

Once you enter your account information, you'll receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code. iOS users will need to enter the 6-digit code to ensure the phone you are using is the one you registered with. For Android users, this code will be entered automatically for you.

iOS phone number and verification screens.

Android phone number and verification screens.

Create Your Profile

Once you have verified your account, you'll create your profile and also provide parental consent for using the Jiobit and Jiobit App. Before you start to pair your Jiobit, you'll also need to approve Location Access on your smartphone for the app.

iOS create account screens

Next, scan the QR code on the back of your Jiobit.


IMPORTANT: Smartphone Location Services Setting

You must allow the Jiobit App to access your phone’s location services settings. This is used to help with proper location accuracy and alerts. You need to make sure your phone’s location services are turned on and you give access to Location Services to the Jiobit App.

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services
Android: Settings > Security & Location

*Some Android phones may have different setting menus where Location is listed. You can press the search button in settings and search for "Location" to find the setting.

Choose Your Subscription Plan

Once your profile is created and your Jiobit is added you need to select your subscription plan. Your Jiobit subscription keeps you connected to your child whether they’re across the street or across the globe. Jiobit stays connected through a dedicated hybrid cellular network that connects to the strongest signal for your location. Cellular data enables the delivery of location updates to your smartphone.

After you select your plan continue to checkout. Once the payment is processed the Jiobit service will be activated.

Gifted Product

If you are not the cardholder or you were gifted the product, you will need to give us a call at 855-546-2848. We will verify that you are an authorized user and collect some account information from you. Once completed, we will grant access to the app.

iOS giftee screen

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Getting Started & Set-Up Your Jiobit Account

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