Live Mode

Real-time streaming of location

What is Live Mode?

Live Mode provides the ability to stream real-time location updates while the Jiobit is in motion: walking, in a car or on a bus. This is available when the Jiobit is not connected to you or a Care Team Member’s phone and when they are not at a Trusted Place. This provides a similar experience to watching your Uber or Lyft ride show up on a map. It’s quite fun and reassuring.

IMPORTANT: Battery Life Impact

The Live Mode feature consumes a significant amount of power as it streams real-time location over a cellular network. You will see degraded battery life if you use this feature often.

To access Live Mode, the Jiobit must be in the TRACKING status in the dashboard card view. If you see this screen, you can either press the TRACKING button or drag/swipe down with your thumb or finger. This pull down gesture will show the Live Mode toggle to turn this on.

3D Mapping and Map Gestures

The Jiobit App leverages Google Maps technology and allows for multiple gestures when in Live Mode. The most common gestures are:

  • Zoom in and out (pinch and zoom)
  • Rotate (two finger rotate)
  • Pan/3D mode (two finger swipe UP)

3D mode allows you to have a better view of where the Jiobit is. Additionally, you’ll have a breadcrumb of the past few minutes of location. This is especially helpful if you are trying to find your child in a crowded location and you are looking to understand the direction of travel/walking.

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Live Mode

Real-time streaming of location

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