Trusted Places and Geofencing Alerts

Set up safe locations for your child

What is a Trusted Place?

Trusted Places is one of the most important features of the Jiobit Platform.

This feature allows you to set up locations where you expect your child to be at various times of the week. Most times, these are places where they will be apart from you or your partner for a considerable period of time. Suggested Trusted Places would be home, school, music lessons, sports practice, day care, sitter, grandparents, friends’ houses, places of regular worship, etc.

In order to maximize the performance of the Jiobit, we encourage you to set up as many Trusted Places as you can. You will be prompted to create Trusted Places during the set-up of your Jiobit. If you would like to add more Trusted Places, tap on the Menu in the Dashboard View and select Trusted Places. From there, you can add additional locations, select which of your Jiobit devices should use those Trusted Places (if you have multiple), and configure the alerts you would like to receive.

Create and Manage Trusted Places

You can create a Trusted Place for any location. Simply type in the address, or if you don’t know it, the location name or city. You’ll be able to navigate the map and center the location to suit your needs.

Once you have found the location, you can adjust the size of the geofence. For schools, you may want to create a larger geofence to cover the entire school grounds. For smaller homes or smaller lots, you’ll want a smaller geofence.


Buffers around your Trusted Places

In order to reduce the amount of false notifications provided, the Jiobit servers will add a small buffer around your defined Trusted Place.

Once you set up a Trusted Place, you will be notified when your child enters and leaves that location. While your child is in that location, the Jiobit will be constantly scanning the environment in a lower power manner, detecting if they have moved away from that location. You can configure these notifications per Trusted Place. For example, you may want to be notified when the Jiobit ENTERS your HOME Trusted Place, and only when it EXITS the SCHOOL Trusted Place.

When the Jiobit is in a Trusted Place, it will enter a lower power mode to conserve battery. Therefore, in a Trusted Place location, you will not see a location pin icon or an accuracy circle. You will simply see that the Jiobit is at the Trusted Place.


Trusted Place Notifications

In order to notify you as quickly as we can if your child is no longer in a Trusted Place, while not draining a huge amount of battery, the Jiobit will not provide a precise location INSIDE of the Trusted Place. We will simply report the Jiobit is inside the Trusted Place geofence that you set-up.

For example, you’ll know that your child reached school, and that they are presently there. You will also know as soon as they leave the school grounds. However, you will not see what part of the school they are currently in (the gym compared to the the classroom). To give you a steady stream of this location data would deplete the Jiobit’s battery very quickly, so we provide you a known safe location where you expect them to be.

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Trusted Places and Geofencing Alerts

Set up safe locations for your child

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